Novena of Grace

We invite you to join us in praying the Novena of Grace of Saint Francis Xavier (March 4 - 12).  Below are links for each of the days, providing the Novena prayer and a thoughtful reflection on Francis Xavier from Jesuits who share his name.

The present form of the Novena of Grace was begun in the 17th century by Fr. Marcello Mastrilli, SJ (1603 – 1637). While working in Naples, he sustained serious head injuries. Prayers were offered to St. Francis Xavier and Fr. Mastrilli recovered. In his prayer, Fr. Mastrilli heard the promise that whoever took time each year to complete the nine days of prayer would ‘experience Francis’s protection and might hope with great assurance that any grace they asked of God would be granted, provided it be for their good and the glory of God.’

The Novena of Grace is traditionally prayed in the nine days leading up to March 12th, the day Francis was declared a saint in 1622.

As you offer up your petitions during the Novena, please keep in your prayers our Jesuit men in formation who are discerning a life of service to others as a Jesuit priest or brother, and to our senior Jesuits who continue to dedicate their lives praying for the Church and for the Society of Jesus. If you would like to have our Jesuits pray for your intentions as well, please click here to forward your petitions.

Novena of Grace Reflections

Day 1 March 4

Day 2 March 5

Day 3 March 6

Day 4 March 7

Day 5 March 8

Day 6 March 9

Day 7 March 10

Day 8 March 11

Day 9 March 12


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