Giving Tuesday 2019

Nov. 13, 2019 - Each year on Dec. 3, Jesuits worldwide celebrate the feast of St. Francis Xavier, who was sent to the East by St. Ignatius as a missionary and would travel to India as well as Japan. Xavier was tasked with preaching the Gospel and is remembered as a patron saint of missions because of his trust in God and zeal to spread the Good News. While Xavier died just before completing his journey to China, he is remembered for zeal in preaching and spreading the gospel throughout the world. He was one of few Europeans to risk his life by traveling so far east. Because of this, he was instrumental in demonstrating the work of the recently formed Society of Jesus.

But Dec. 3, 2019, is also Giving Tuesday, an opportunity for people to support organizations like our Jesuit province. This year the Maryland and USA Northeast Provinces are highlighting the needs of our senior Jesuits. With your help we can better care for our senior Jesuits who like Xavier, traveled to spread the Gospel and serve those in need.


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